If you are looking for cheapest data plans and subscription codes for your smartphone or Pc (Computer) then you have come to the right place because all the info regardingMTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel data subscription plans will be provided below.
=> New Mtn data bundle plan and subscription codes

MTN updated their daily data plan by increasing the data upto 20% which is as follows:

•MTN 30MB Daily plan for N100 - Text"104" to 131
•MTN 100MB Daily data plan for N200 - Text"113" to 131

Apart from mtn daily plans, they equally have a sustainable data plan that can last for 7 days.

•MTN 750MB weekly data plan for N500 - Text"103" to 131

Mtn updated their monthly internet data plan in such a way that you can browse anytime and anyday no restriction for complete 30 days, their newly monthly data plan is as follows:

•MTN 1.5GB monthly data plan for N1000 - Text"106" to 131
•MTN 3.5GB monthly data plan for N2000 - Text"110" to 131
•MTN 10GB monthly data plan for N5000 - Text "116" to 131
•MTN 22GB monthly data plan for N10,000 - Text"117" to 131

The most surprising internet data package from mtn this time is the 3 months data plan that enables you to browse and download with you allocated data for complete 90 days (3 months).
If you think that the new mtn 3 months data plan is suitable for simply follow this step below to subscribe.

•MTN 50GB 3 months data plan for N20,000 - Text”118” to 131
•MTN 85GB 3 months data plan for N50,000 – Text”133” to 131

=> New Glo data bundle plan and subscription codes
Here is the newly introduced glo data bundle plans, Daily, weekly, monthly, fix and hourly data plans that suits your needs.

Daily Plans
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code

1 Day Pack508MB1 Day14*127*14#

Instant Surf10020MB1 Day51*127*51#

Always Day500195MB1 Day10*127*3#

Smallie20050MB3 Days56*127*56#

Weekly Plans
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code

One Week40065MB7 Days52*127*52#

Big Week500150MB7 Days57*127*57#

Monthly Plans
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code

Always Micro1,0001.5GB30 Days53*127*53#

My Phone2,0003GB30 Days55*127*55#

So Special2,5005GB30 Days58*127*58#

Always Macro3,0006GB30 Days54*127*54#

N4,000 Data Plan4,0009GB30 Days59*127*59#

Always Min5,00012GB30 Days11*127*2#

Always Max8,00024GB30 Days12*127*1#

Silver10,00011GB30 Days15*127*11#

Gold15,00017GB30 Days16*127*12#

Platinum18,00021GB30 Days17*127*13#

Flexi Plans
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code

N200_NIGHT_PLAN2001GB1 day (12am – 5am)60*127*60#

N500_WEEKEND_PLAN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm & Nights 12 am – 5pm)61*127*61#

G 1006,0004GB100 Hrs or 30 days20*127*5#
G 30015,00012GB300 Hrs or 3 Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure5,0004GB8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work6,0004GB8 AM to 9 PM31*127*6#

PriceDataValidityOn Campus

N200200MB4 Days400MB
N500500MB7 Days1GB
N10001GB15 Days2GB
N20002GB30 Days4GB
N50005GB30 Days10GB

=> New Etisalat data bundle plans and subscription codes
Etisalat also offers one of the cheapest internet data bundle plan in Nigeria since Glo and other network changed the face of data subscription in Nigeria but Etisalat is not leftout they also have a cheap and faster data plans that will make you happy.

plansprice(N)USSD codes SMS to 229validity

1.5GB1,000*229*2*7#AND130 days

3.5GB2,000*229*2*8#AND230 days

6.5GB3,500*229*2*9#AND330 days

16GB8,000*229*2*5#MB630 days

22GB10,000*229*4*1#SM130 days

42GB18,000*229*4*3#SM330 days

Daily 10MB50*229*3*8#MI324 hours

Daily 50MB100*229*3*1#MI124 hours

200MB200*229*2*10#LCD7 days

500MB500*229*2*12#LCD230 days

quaterly plan (30GB)27,500*229*5*1#4M90 days

bi-annual plan (60GB)55,000*229*5*2#6M120 days

100GB Plan84,992*229*4*5#SM530 days

annual plan (120GB)110,000*229*5*3#12M365 days

1GB (weekend plan)500*5995*2#friday 11:59pm - sunday 11:59pm

Note: Auto-renewal & data rollover apply. bundles not applicable while roaming.

=> New Airtel data plans and subscription codes
Airtel named their new internet data plan SmartSPEEDOO and has lots of varieties to choose from which is as follows.

Plan Name Data Allowance Subscription Validity Days USSD CODE Description
FREE SURF UP TO 160MB FREE 30 *400# billing starts from N1/MB and up to 20Kobo/MB.

BUNDLES DAILY 30MB 100 1 *410# Low cost data bundle plans

3-Day 50MB 200 3 *412#

5-STAR PACK 25MB (5MB DAILY) 100 5 *401#

WEEKLY 80MB 300 7 *417#

EASY 750MB 500 14 *418#

ANDROID ANDROID 1.0 1.5GB 1,000 30 *496# Usable on all devices @ N1/MB all day

ANDROID 2.0 3.5GB 2,000 30 *437#

ANDROID 2.5 5GB 2,500 30 *437*1#

ANDROID 3.5 7GB 3,500 30 *438#

SOCIAL OPERA MONTHLY 250 MB 300 30 *885*1# Social packs usable for facebook,twitter whatsapp e.t.c

WHATSAPP 15MB 100 15 *948#

WTF MONTHLY 80MB 200 30 *990#

UNLIMTED UNLIMITED MONTH 3GB 1,500 30 *435# Usable on all devices including Blackberry

UNLIMITED WEEK 200MB 525 7 *440*17#

UNLIMITED DAY 40MB 100 1 *440*18#

BLACKBERRY BB COMPLETE MONTH 3GB 1,000 30 *431# Usable on BB devices only

Plan Name Data Allowance Subscription Validity Days USSD CODE Description

Time / NIGHT/ Weekend TIME BASED 30 - 300 x *439*3# Valid only for the time bought

TIME BASED 60 - 500 x *439*4# Valid only for the time bought

NIGHT 180 3 hours 1,000 x *481*2# Usable between 12am and 5:59am

WEEKEND BUNDLE 200 200MB 200 Weekend *472# Usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday

WEEKEND BUNDLE 500 500MB 500 Weekend *473#

UNLIMINET UNLIMINET 200 20MB 200 1 *489*1# 20MB + 10MINS +10 SMS

UNLIMINET 600 150MB 600 7 *489*2# 150MB + 60MINS +60 SMS

UNLIMINET 3000 2GB 3,000 30 *489*3# 2GB + 180MINS +300 SMS

UNLIMINET 5000 3GB 5,000 30 *489*4# 3GB +300MINS +500 SMS

MEGA PACKS SMART 12 * 12GB 5,000 30 *452# NO FREE DEVICE

SMART 24 * 24GB 8,000 30 *460#

SMART 34 ** 34GB 10,000 30 *462# FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI



SMART 100 100GB 70,000 365 *407#

SMART 200 200GB 136,000 365 *408#


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