This service has been around for a while but majority of us are not aware, well that’s why we are here, to always keep you informed.  Let me introduce to you the MTN who called me and MTNnotify me.

The service “MTN Missed Call Alert Service” lets you know all the calls you missed while your phone was switched off or out of network coverage, you will receive an SMS message alert when a number you could not reach becomes available. You will receive afree SMSMessage alert with details of the caller’s phone number, date and time of the last call as shown here:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from+2348031234567 received at: 03:05:2011 12:21:13.

Interestingly both services are free of charge.

MTN Notify Me Service
With the MTN Notify Me Service, you will get notifications through an SMS message when a phone number you previously could not reach becomes available on the network.  An example is shown below:
Y’ello! +23468930609 is now available. You may now dial the number.

This is ideal for families and businesses guaranteeing close contact with loved ones, staff or business associates.  Other benefits include:

*.Never missing an important call as you will be notified via SMS about all missed calls even while you are roaming your mobile phone.

*.Knowing when a number that was unreachable becomes available on the network.

*.Having a list of missed call notifications from which you can choose which numbers to call back.

MTN Missed Call Alert Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)How do I get the Service?
-       To activate MTN Who Called, text SET01 to100
Note:  The Cost isFREE

-       To activate MTN Who Called and Notify Me, text SET02to100
Note:  The Cost isFREE

How do I know if I already have the service activated on my phone?
-       You can check if you already have the service running by texting the word STATUSto100

How do I cancel the service?
-       To cancel the service, text the word DELETEto100 For more information on MTN Missed Call services, please visit MTN Official Website


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