Airtel 20X Bonus is an irresistible offer Airtel Nigeria is using to welcome back all their customers who have not used their line in the last 30 days. This awesome business strategy will surely go a long way in bringing back subscribers that has even misplaced their SIM cards. Am sure after reading this, you too will start searching for where you kept your SIM and get it dusted in order to enjoy this mouth watering offer.

To be eligible for this Airtel 20X Bonus, you must be a prepaid customer and you must have not used your airtel line for one month (30 days precisely). By usage, I mean using it to make phone calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing) or data. You can see, here is the tricky part because some people rarely load airtime on their SIM but they do use it to receive calls, SMS and even for free browsing with VPN apps. So search within yourself to be sure yours has been completely domant for 30 days.

Once you are sure of your eligibility, you can go ahead to activate your preferred bonus from the list below. Remember it's 20X bonus and valids for 30 days.


Assuming you recharge N100, you will be given a massive N2000 of which N500 is for your voice calls while N1,500 goes to data bundle.

The same bonus is applicable when you recharge N200, you get a whooping 4,000, while N1000 goes to voice calls, N3,000 is for purchasing data bundles. It goes on and on. The more you recharge, the more huge bonus you enjoy. Below is an infograhic of the list of bonuses and prices.

Recharge N100 N200 N300 N500 N1,000
Bonus N2,000 N4,000 N6,000 N10,000 N20,000
Voice Bonus N500 N1,000 N1,500 N2,500 N5,000
Data Bonus N1,500 N3,000 N4,500 N7,500 N15,000
Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

How To Activate 20X Data And Bonus Bundles

It is easy and simple to activate. After you have complete the required eligibility, you should load or recharge your Airtel line with any amount depending on the bundle subscription you wish to go for and finally, dial *241# and select any 20X bundle from the options to subscribe. If you wish to go for the direct subscription code, you should check this out below.

  1. For N100, dial *241*100# to activate.
  2. For N200, dial *241*200# to activate
  3. For N300, dial *241*300# to activate.
  4. For N500, dial *241*500# to activate.
  5. For N1,000, dial *241*1000# to activate.
Bundle PriceSubscription MenuDirect Subscription Codes
N100Dial *241# and select preferred option*241*100#

Note: All these bundles valid for 30days and you can continue to enjoy these bundles in every 30days. It can also be activated multiple times within 30days from the date of first purchase.

How To Check 20X Voice And Data Bonus Data Balance

It can be checked by dialing *123# and you will be able to check your data and voice balance after successful activation. 


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