Airtel Reversal data is a service offering by Airtel NG to aid subscribers to reverse the wrongly subscribed data bundle within 24 hours provided the main data.

Now, there is a trick that will allow you to get unlimited free data through this so-called "Airtel Reversal data feature".

Hope you know that Airtel Triple data offer and 100% data bonus are still active and working fine?

You can now reverse your purchase normal data to keep enjoying even more than 3GB data bonus on a daily basis from Triple or Double data offer, depending on your actual subscription. All you need is to keep reversing and enjoying all attached bonuses to your subscriptions.

Initially, Airtel launched the Triple data which was tagged as “Triple surf” for people to enjoy 3x of their data and at the same time, they also unveiled 100% data bonus as an alternative means for those who are not eligible for the Triple.

Moreover, I won’t be spending much time explaining the procedures to perform this trick on that your new or old Airtel SIM card.


Firstly, get a new Airtel SIM if your old SIM is not eligible to activate it. Once done, send GET to 141 as text message till you receive a congratulatory message that you are eligible for 100% data bonus.

STEP 2: Now, after you have received the message, send MIFI to 141 and proceed to the next step below without waiting for any message.

…That’s actually the way of activating Triple data offer and the next step is the way of reversing the data to enjoy more free data.

STEP 3: Now, dial *141# and purchase a data plan from Airtel, I recommend data plans of N1,000 and above. Please, buy data plans without night plans attached.

STEP 4: After that, make use of the data bonus that would be given to you for triple or double data within 24 hours and do not touch the main data you purchased.

STEP 5: Within 24 hours, kindly reverse the data by dialing *121*6#, select the amount of data you previously purchased that you want to reverse and then, your money will be restored back to you.

STEP 6: Subscribe with that reversed money again and use the data bonus within 24 hours and reverse again. Keep repeating this method.

I hope you have understand how to reverse your Airtel data bundle to enjoy more exclusive free bonus data on the network?


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