I prepared this post because many of us store videos, photo, music games and many more so that we are obliged to delete some files when it's full so I have a solution for you. let's get started.

Notice : In this method we can only increase from 2gb, 4gb, 8gb up to 16gb. If i get another method to increase above 16gb i will update my post soon. So let's start step by step:

Step 1: First of all Download sdata tool software here
Download expander software

Step 2: After you download sdata. zip extract it then, run sdata tool as an administrator

Step 3: Select the flash drive or sd card letter you want to increase ( it must be formatted )

Step 4: Then there is an option to choose to increase to 4gb, 8gb & 16gb so you will not choose directly what you want it works like, if the flash drive/sd-card is 2gb you will choose 4gb then to 8gb and then to 16gb.

Step 5: Finally After you choose your desire gb with the above procedure click the compress button.

Note: Don't format the flash drive or sd card after you increased because the trick will disappear.


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