20BIDS.COM is a platform that review products online from market places like ebay, amazon, etsy, takealot, jumia, etc. We've partner with these eCommerce companies to bring more value to various categories of product, i.e brands of essential products the ones we deem fit as evergreen product which are always in demand.

Their aim is to provide consumers all the information's they need to know about their favorite essential products ranging from gadgets, electronics, computing essentials to fashion, health & care, etc. 

Their review platform works on shared contribution of user feedback and activities in which we offer to pays you for your regular online activities in promoting and creating constant awareness for our listed products and by which your feedback is always a part of the product ratings. To say thank you we've integrated a system you can make residual income for been part of the process.


First make sure you are viewing this page and every other subsequent pages with either google chrome or Firefox or any high end browser, else some buttons won't load and won't be visible. Also , this works best on MTN Line, so its advisable to use mtn number
You also need an android phone, then download this specific app from this link below 

Download 20BIDS APP

  • Tap on Register and input your name, email, address and password.
  • Next, input your registered email and password on the next page that pops up.
  • You should get this message on the next screen "To claim the free 500MB Data you must visit https://20bids.com and login using a web browser, Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended but other reputable desktop/mobile browser can work fine.
  • What this means is that, you would need to go to this website 20bids.com on your browser to claim your free 500MB data. Make sure you use google chrome or Firefox browser for this to work.
  • Tap on Register/login, this time, on the nest page tap on "I'm already a member". This will take you to the login page where you can login and claim your free 500mb.

Enjoy while it last.


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